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Standards of Excellence Academy Forklift Operating Class Draws Men and Women

Standards of Excellence Academy - Forklift Class
Standards of Excellence Academy recently graduated another class on forklift operation. From left, Derrick Utley, Kristine Nelson, Instructor David McCarthy, Samuel Wilson and Mindy Cole.

Two men and two women completed their training to become forklift operators recently at Standards of Excellence Academy in the northwest valley. Classes are taught every other Thursday by instructor David McCarthy.

A seven-year veteran of Standard of Excellence Academy, McCarthy is a native of Chicago who teaches classes leading to certification as Certified Medical Administrative Assistants, Certified Electronic Health Records Specialists, Certified Logistics Technicians, Forklift Operator and CPR.

“I really like what we do here,” said McCarthy, who first started out as a Case Manager for the Foundation for an Independent Tomorrow (FIT).
“We help a lot of people, and there is great joy in seeing our students expand their horizons.” The latest class all received certificates of completion for the class. “We have had several women go through the class,”

McCarthy said. “There are good jobs out there and those who attend our classes can do very well.”

Students of the latest class enjoyed the experience. The next class is set for Feb. 2 and every other Thursday after that.
“I really enjoyed the way the class was presented,” said Samuel Wilson. “I believe that I will be able to find a better job and be more successful now with the training that you all have provided me. I am grateful for the chance and will be updating my resume today.”

After the successful completion of the course, participants are able to test to be certified as Sit Down Counterbalanced Forklift Operators. They will be able to control a forklift in accordance with all laws and regulations for a Forklift Operator. Students must pass the course with an overall score of 80 percent or better to be eligible to challenge the certification test.

Students should have their high school diploma or high school equivalency certification. Entry level skills needed for the Forklift Operator program are a CASAS reading score of 245 or better. Participants are evaluated on a successful completion and passing of the Counterbalanced Forklift Certification Test.

Requirements include a valid picture identification, Social Security card, resume, at least 18 years or older, able to lift 50 pounds; and high school or GED equivalency.

Standards of Excellence Academy is situated at 1931 Stella Lake Drive in the northwest valley near Martin Luther King Boulevard and Lake Mead Boulevard.

For further information, call Sydni Sayles, Standards of Excellence Director at 702-367-4348 or visit

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