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Marty Byars Highlighted In Foundation For An Independent Tomorrow (FIT) Story

Former meth addict and car thief going straight

Las Vegas Review Journal | December 17, 2016

Former meth addict goes straight

Had it not been for the Foundation for an Independent Tomorrow (FIT), and Byars’ wife, it’s unlikely he would be a shining example of what an ex-offender can do to turn his life around.

“FIT gave him a chance and we gave him a chance and he made the most of them,” Green said. “You’ve got to have that kind of partnership. The reason our company likes people from FIT is they not only get them trained for a job, but also teach them how to be dependable, how to handle authority. They pay for licenses and gear to give them a real chance. ”

To this day, Byars finds it amazing that FIT paid for his truck driver school and took the time to show him how to live outside prison. “I’m going to show them their money wasn’t wasted,” he said.

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